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Yesterday is age-old, today is history, and tomorrow is already fleeting. We live in an age of constant advancement, exponential growth in science and technology, and a choking home planet. Uncertainty and animosity plague our servers, the media spews false truths that we all gobble up for breakfast, and world powers, once again, have chosen armed conflict over peace. 

Time has seemed to enter a unique state of flux over the past few years. A complete pause on the economy, school, social life, everything we had previously deemed "normal." In that time, every member of the Human race was faced with a question that, quite frankly, may well have saved our species: what do we do with the blip of a moment we are given here on this Earth? Regardless of what comes next, focusing on the present moment as all that is, was, and will be, how do we make the most of it? How do we ensure that if we were all to be hit by an asteroid tomorrow, this little stint on our floating ball of rock and water was something truly epic.

We have a lot of unanswered questions. Even more unasked. But the way that things are right now is not the way that they must remain. In fact, if we want a chance to coexist with the robots when they progress past us as the apex species on the planet, the way things are is deadly for the fate of Humanity. 

We do not need to solve problems with violence anymore. We do not need to enforce or cast focus on divisions of race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems, caste, ethnicity, or any other marker. We do not need to further censor and prohibit the free speech of the people.


We need peace, we need love, we need community, we need purpose and passion and symbiosis amongst humans, AI, and extraterrestrials. Our hubris could be the death of us if we're not careful.

If any of this resonates... if you're the black sheep who's been told you're crazy for choosing not to subscribe to the mainstream narrative, welcome. You're not alone. Join us over on Discord to ask (and hopefully answer) some of these big questions.


Come along. I look forward to our evolution past what anyone on Earth believes we're capable of.


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